Sharp Pocket Conductivity Meter

Soil conductivity reflects the quantity of nutrients within the soil solution. Oversupply or undersupply of plant food should be avoided for best results. This waterproof pocket conductivity meter is an essential tool for Nutrition Farming®.

Conductivity is often thought of as a broad guideline to the presence or lack of sodium and chloride in the soil. However, it is much more than that! Dr Carey Reams taught that conductivity is a measure of energy for plant growth. A meter reading of 0.2 mS/cm on a soil test is necessary for the early stages of crop establishment, but conductivity levels should build to a reading of 0.6 mS/cm by the time the crop is beginning to set seed or fruit. A conductivity test takes less than three minutes and the test data, combined with that from a refractometer and pH meter, is critical for high production crop management.

This meter can also be used to determine ideal conductivity for nutrient solutions. An EC reading of 2 mS/cm is ideal for both foliar solutions and fertigation. Readings below 1.2 mS/cm will highlight poor production potential and readings above 2 mS/cm suggest the possibility of crop burn.


Lightweight and pocket sized.


Replacement electrodes are available and easily fitted.

Easy to read LCD display.

Replacement 120 mL calibration solution available.


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