A single tool that can be utilised to predict yield, quality, pest and disease pressure and stress resistance

The refractometer is an indispensable tool for Nutrition Farming®. This simple, robust instrument can utilise just a couple of drops of sap or juice to provide valuable data for crop management. It measures brix levels, (which are a measure of plant sugars, mineral and vitamin content). The link between high brix levels and inherent pest and disease resistance has been conclusively established. Good brix levels (generally above 12) also ensure good taste, longer shelf-life and better yields. High brix levels indicate good phosphorus levels in a plant, and a blurry dividing line on the brix reading scale can indicate good calcium levels in a plant.


  • The refractometer measures brix from 0-32o (Brix or degrees Brix is named after an early researcher in the field, Professor A.F.W. Brix who assessed the density of plant juices with a hydrometer).
  • This meter is manufactured in China and has an automatic temperature compensation feature (ATC).
  • Pocket-sized and lightweight.
  • Accurate to within 0.2%.


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