Plant Sap Potassium Meter

Potassium management is critical in the pursuit of high-production fertility. Early growth, stem strength, fruit/seed size and plant sugar production are all governed by this mineral. In-field potassium monitoring can be very productive.

Potassium, like nitrogen, is critical in high-production agriculture. Potassium is often overused in contemporary horticulture, but tremendous amounts are utilised during the crop cycle. Potassium is the fruit filler or seed filler and if there is a shortage, then yield will suffer. Conversely, excess potassium ties up magnesium and boron which can also negatively affect production. The balancing act can be quite difficult, but it can be dramatically simplified using a monitoring tool like the Cardy Potassium Ion Meter.


  • Only a few drops of test solution are required for a measurement.
  • The unit automatically switches between 1 (0-99 ppm), x10 (100-990 ppm), and x100 (1000-9990 ppm).
  • It has an estimated deviation of +/-0.2. The sample temperature must lie with the 5-35oC range.
  • It is generally accepted that Horiba ion meters will be within 5% accuracy of traditional leaf testing techniques.


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