NTS Soil pH Moisture Meter

Soil pH is one of the major governors of nutrient availability. Ensuring optimum water availability is also crucial for plant growth. Over-watering is equally a problem and this tool eliminates the difficulties involved in determining whether watering is required. This handy tool simultaneously gives an immediate assessment of soil pH and moisture content by simply pushing it into the ground.

Soil pH is a major determining factor for nutrient availability in high production agriculture as well as in the production of high quality, home-grown fruit and vegetables. The Soil pH and Moisture Meter provides rapid, accurate, hands-on measurement of both the soil pH and the moisture availability level using the one meter. By holding in the button on the side of the unit the measurement converts from pH (3-8) to moisture (on a scale from 1-8 representing humidity from 10% to 80%).

  • Lightweight and pocket-sized.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Inexpensive option.
  • Dual purpose - use to measure the pH and moisture content of soil.
  • Easy to read display.

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