NTS Fulvic Acid Powder™

Fulvic acid in a concentrated, soluble powder - the most versatile and productive input in agriculture, in freight friendly form.

A soluble, yellow-brown powder containing fulvic acid, a material with exceptional bio-stimulant potential. This product has a phenomenal nutrient-loading capacity, related to a CEC of 1400. This product is > 90% soluble, and the insoluble component presents as a very fine silt, which may need to be screened out when used with drip irrigation. However, the small particle size does not appear to cause blockage with most spray equipment.


  • Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Registered Farm Input 456AI.

  • Natural chelating agent.

  • Increases nutrient uptake.

  • Promotes beneficial soil microbes.

  • Improves availability of rock minerals.

  • Increases crop yield and quality.

  • Compatible with a wide range of other inputs.

  • > 90% soluble.


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